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Instrument - Bass Guitar Kay, model number KB-24, a great vintage early 70's bass guitar with a great heavy sound, fully working and in great shape. the scratch plate has an old repair at the 'neck limb'. All original parts including the chome bridge and pick up covers, design is bassed on the Fender P-Bass.

This vintage early 70's Kay electric bass guitar, is a gorgeous old bass. It is very heavy (which creates sustain, right?). The body and bolt-on neck are solid maple, and I mean solid. Except for some minor pitting on the chrome and some minor dings, it is in good condition and looks real nice. Single pickup.Two metal control knobs (volume and tone). Truss rod. [Can supply a non-original hard case [fur lined at an extra cost of £25]. This is from the post-Chicago era of Kay basses and looks like a Fender Precision bass of that era. The electronics work fine. It has a heavy and resonant sound, likely due to the heavy wood body.


Aria Pro II Custom, PE Range Guitar, in a sunburst finish and in good condition. This six string guitar with it's classic Aria Pro II Les Paul/ PE Range style finish has had some use and shows some wear on the rear and on the bottom side, as well as on the bridge. The Aria Pro II Custom sounds great with it's Twin pick-ups and double tone and volume knobs, really adds to this custom look, this is almost a one off, dates from around 1986/7. The Aria Pro II Custom is in a over all very good condition and has a good action to it as well, comes complete with a fitted hard case as well.


Instruments - Ashton hard case for electric bass LP style guitar, excellent condition, as new [unused], 3 catches, one lockable with key

Black fur lined, 3 catches, one lockable. Inside measurements, length 46 1/2", neck 2", diagonal width 14" at widest and 11" at narrowest.

Please quote ref # AHC 3


Instrument - Cello, full size, 4/4, A great cello, in a great condition, complete with bow and soft padded carrying bag, idea for a beginner or student level. Just one or two very light marks, but nothing that really worries or notices.

A lovely rich, mellow tone and superb playability, which makes this cello the ideal choice for the beginning cellist who wants to learn on a quality Instrument.

  • Hand finished laminated instrument
  • Canadian spruce top
  • Canadian maple back and sides
  • Orange brown oil varnish finish
  • Fitted maple bridge
  • Maple neck with ebonized fingerboard
  • Ebonized jujube fitted tuning pegs
  • Metal tailpiece

Prefer buyer to collect, due to the size and value, we are based near Exeter, Devon.



Danelectro N70 Nifty Seventy amp, 50 watts, finished in a mock leather finish, condition very good, made in 1999. A great little amp with a nice kick, good for home use.


Early 80's vintage model, Frontline Super Per-Amplifer guitar foot switch/pedal, in great working order and condition, boxed. [See other pedals on this site for sale]


Instrument - Guitar, Eko Ekoette, early 60's c/w bolt on neck. In a stunning overall condition, original scratch plate and tuners, bolt on neck with original numbered neck plate, good action, new bronze strings, a fab guitar with a great sound.


Instruments - Epiphone C25 Classical Acoustic guitar, c/w a hard case, great tone. This Epiphone C25 comes complete with its own solid case, which is in very good condition. The guitar has a lovely pure and warm tone to it, it's in a great condition, other than some wear on the decal around the sound hole. Great guitar, good for any keen beginner or someone up grading.


Instruments - Epiphone hard case for acoustic/ semi electric style guitar, excellent condition, as new [unused], 3 catches

Grey fur lined, 3 catches. Inside measurements, length 43", neck 4 1/2" [2"], wide width 15 1/2" and the narrow width 11 1/2"

Please quote ref # AHC 2


Fender Musicmaster Bass Guitar, in a Sonic Blue/ Daphne Blue finish and in good condition. This origianal bass guitar with it's classic Fender MM style finish dates from 1974, with serial number 547431...and has had some use and shows some wear to the body, it has been well used. The Fender Musicmaster Bass sounds great with it's single pick-ups and tone and volume knobs. The Fender Musicmaster Bass is in a over all good condition and has a good action to it as well, comes complete with a fitted hard case as well, the scratch plate and pickup have been replaced and are not original, where as the rest of the bass guitar is very much original from 1974. Offers around £500 please.


Instruments - Flat hard case for electric guitar, excellent condition, 2 catches.

Black fur lined, 2 catches. Inside measurements, length 39", neck 2", width 14" and depth 3 1/2".

Two cases available, same price

Please quote ref # FHC 1


Instruments - Flat hard case for electric guitar, good condition, 4 catches. catches have been replaced at some time, but still a very nice vintage guitar case, with a few dings and scuff as you would expect, but nothing major.

Bright yellow plush lined, with compartment. Inside measurements, length 41", width 14" and depth 3"

Please quote ref # FHC 4


Instruments - Full size Bass Guitar Flight Case, heavy duty corners and sides plus fully 'fur' lined inside. Out side measurements are about 48.5" long, 16" wide and 4" deep, inside measurements are about 46"/14"/3". Three clips and a carry handle, fully lined and very heavy duty, will take full size electric bass guitar.


Instruments - A good selection of Guitar and Bass picks always in stock for our local artists and regular customers, 

Prices for picks - unbranded picks 4 for a £1 and Dunlop/ Stubbys 2 for a £1 


Instruments - A good selection of Guitar/ Bass accessories always in stock.

From guitar straps, leads, tuners, strings [single and sets], capo's, plus Ukelele straps!!! various prices from £2

Plus a few guitar and bass amps


Instruments - Hard case for acoustic/ semi electric style guitar, good condition, 3 catches, one lockable.

Black plush lined, with key for lockable catch. Inside measurements, length 40", neck 2 1/2", wide width 15 1/2" and the narrow width 11 1/2"

Please quote ref # AHC 4


Instrument - HAS Electric Acoustic Bass guitar, full size, nice deep/ large body, great condition, a lot of fun with a deep sound, but does have a slightly high action.


Instruments - Kay Bass Guitar [Rickenbacker Style] vintage guitar in stunning condition. This Kay Bass guitar with it's Rickenbacker style head stock and solid body complete with a great black/ sunburst finish is a great vintage guitar, that also sounds great. Twin pick-ups and double tone and volume knobs, really adds to this classic look. The Kay Bass is in great condition and not a bad action on it, also still has the original bridge cover.


Krammer Ferrington Acoustic Bass guitar, serial number FC 2992, made in Korea, black with maple neck and mother of pearl inlay. A very nice, clean and tidy acoustic bass, rare and sort after item. Built in neck pick up and controller, all fully working, has had a replacement thumb rest attached, great guitar with a great tone.


Instruments - Line 6 Spider III 120w amp, 2 x 12" speaker

This is a fantastically versatile guitar amp. Apart from the array of digital effects (Chorus Flange, Phaser, Tremolo, Delay, Sweep Echo and Reverb) there is a built in guitar tuner. Rather than the 2 or sometimes 3 channels you find on other guitar amplifiers this amplifier boasts an impressive 4 channels and a range of gain/overdrive/distortion (Twang, Blues, Crunch, Metal, Insane).

Direct out for recording

Speaker outputs on rear

Loaded with two Celestion speakers the amp  sounds great at low volume in the house as well cranked up in the rehearsal room.  


1960's/70's Olympic snare drum stand, complete, and in very good working order, c/w white plastic protection pads on each of the three arms, chrome very good for age, a little wear, but nothing noticeable.


Instruments - A pair of Leak Sandwich Hi-Fi Speakers, 15 OHMS, from the late 60's or early 70's in very good working order, great sound, housed in a teak finish wood, about 11" x 14" x 25" high.


Instruments - Sakai Electric Guitar, 'Telecaster' style, British import from Japan from the early 70's, the date would be around 1973. Great condition for this good classic early Japanese guitar, in a cream white finish, still has it's original Whammie bar in chrome. Good action, two pick ups, and twin switches, along with a single volume and tone knobs. Stunning sound, from this hard to find example of a early 70's British import.


Instrument - Satellite Bass, short scale guitar, early 70's, double pick ups, all original and in a great condition, a few little dings, but nothing major. A real collector piece or too use as a travel bass, great sound and fun to play.


Instrument - Sunn Mustang By Fender, 6 string 'strat copy' electric guitar. Finished in a stunning Cherry Red paint work, 3 pick-up's, 5-way switch, with two tone control knobs and one volume control knob. made in the mid 80's, very original, except for one bridge saddle has been replaced, and is non matching, I will try to locate matching saddle, but in our experience, different saddles were used over the years of manufacturing. Very nice guitar, in great condition, bar a couple of very small dings, but nothing major. Sounds great, good tone and action.

We also have another one, in cherry red, priced at £50



Instruments - Suzuki Acoustic Guitar, great condition for a guitar that's is about 30 years old, no major marks or dents, good sized body with lovely inlay, straight next, good head stock, very little use over the last 20+ years and a lovely sound from a great model, needs to be played and enjoyed.


Trace Elliot Super Tramp Twin, 100watts, 2 x G12/ 16 ohms Vintage Celestion speaker, 2 channel, made in 1995. Very good condition, a couple of small scuffs, great sound, all works fine, a good unit to gigging with, has had home use only.


Always a good good selection of electric/ acoustic/ bass guitars in stock, plus accessories and amps.

Take a look at the other items on this page, more details and delivery prices can be obtained by emailing us, not all stock is listed.

Starter Guitar packs from £30

Please view on a regular basis, as stocks change all the time. 


Instruments - Vintage hard case for acoustic/ semi electric style guitar, good condition, 3 catches [all a little aged].

Red plush lined, with key for lockable catch. Inside measurements, length 40", neck 2 1/2", wide width 15 1/2" and the narrow width 11 1/2"

Please quote ref # AHC 1