John Mayall/ Duster Bennett...1969, UK concert program. The 8 page, [4 page fold-out] 215m x 305mm concert program is in EX+ condition, this is a rare piece of John Mayall tour memorabilia.


Ten Years After/ Blodwyn Pig/ Stone The Crows...1969, UK concert program. The 16 page, 200m x 260mm concert program is in EX+ condition, this is a rare piece of early Chrysalis and T.Y.A. tour memorabilia.


Jethro Tull/ Savoy Brown/ Terry Ried...1969, UK concert program. The 16 page, 200m x 260mm concert program is in NM- condition, this is a rare piece of early Chrysalis and Jethro Tull tour memorabilia.


Creedence Clearwater Revival...April 1970, UK concert program from two dates at The Royal Albert Hall, London. These were the only two dates that CCR did in the UK that year. The 8 page, 200m x 260mm concert program is in NM- condition, this is a rare piece of CCR tour memorabilia.


The Beatles and the Groups.... US magazine dating from January 1966, colour front page, packed with loads of B&W photos of British and American bands and artists, 68 pages complete with no rips or writting, and all in EX+ condition.


Beat Instrumental Magazines...mid 60's to early 70's, all in EX+ condition..... and who is on the front cover in bold, brief details of who inside the mag in brackets.....All priced at £10 each, more magazines to be added over the next few weeks, please ask if you are looking for a certain month/year or artist on the front cover.....


Apr 1967... Paul McCartney [The Beatles]...[Hendrix, Hollies, Cat Stevens, Jeff Beck]

May 1967... Jimi Hendrix Experience...[Hendrix, Hollies, Pink Floyd, Move]

Jun 1967... Ginger Baker [Cream]...[Marriott, Cream, Geno, Beatles, Who, Beck, Denny Laine]

Jul 1967... Lennon & Harrison [The Beatles]...[Jimmy Page, Del Shannon, Herd, Kinks, Airplane, Procol Harum]

Aug 1967... Jeff Beck...[Monkees, Spencer Davis, Ronnie Laine, Herd, Who]

Sept 1967... Alan Price...[Jeff Beck, Zoot Money, Hollies, Mayall, Walker Bros, Hendrix, Pink Floyd]

Oct 1967... Eric Clapton [Cream]...[Amen Corner, Syd Barratt, Move, Cream, Moon, Turtles]

Nov 1967... Traffic...[Hendrix, Kinks, Troggs, Bluebeat/ Ska, Freddie King, Diana Ross]

Dec 1967... The Bee Gees...[Hollies, Alan Bown, Bee Gees, Beatles, Donovan, West Coast Scene, Frampton]


Jan 1968... The Herd...[Electric Prunes, Move, Troggs, Hendrix, Stones, Kinks, DC5]

Feb 1968... Cream...[Love Affair, Burdon, Clapton, Small Faces, Beach Boys, Foundations, Monkees, Who, Otis]

Mar 1968... The Move...[Andy FL, Motown, Moody Blues, Tremeloes, Equals, Move ]

Apr 1968... Jimi Hendrix Experience...[Supremes, Elvis, Status Quo, Cliff Bennett, Beck, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles]

May 1968... The Hollies...[Bee Gees, Hollies, Procol Harum, Cliff, Easybeats, Hendrix, Doors, Byrds, Symbols, Small Faces]

Jun 1968... The Who...[Duane Eddy, B/Springfield, Grapefruit, WhoMove, Dave Dee, Auger, Shadows, Herd, T-Rex]

Jul 1968... Amen Corner...[Tom Rush, Keef Hartley, Peter Green, Bonzos, Scaffold, Tens Years After, Nirvana, Duster Bennett]

Aug 1968... Hendrix, Move, Mayall...[Emerson, Traffic, Cream, Alan Bown, Fairport, Spooky Tooth, Eclection, Joni Mitchell, Cupids Inspiration]

Sept 1968... Paul McCartney [The Beatles]...[Nice, Doors, Hendrix, Roy Harper, Hollies, Pentangle, Apple, Tim Rose, Move, Chicken Shack, Family]

Oct 1968... Fleetwood Mac...[Jose Feliciano, Jimmy James, Doors, Jethro Tull, Ten Years After, Ben E King, Mayall, Spencer Davis, Move, Nash]

Nov 1968... Jimi Hendrix...[Stones, T-Rex, Savoy Brown, Beatles, Fairport Convention, 5th Dimension, Family Stone,The Web, Cocker, Pink Floyd]

Dec 1968... Nazz/ Idle Race?...[Pretty Things, Locomotive, Aynsley Dunbar, Country Joe, Tiny Tim, Idea Race, Champion Jack, Colosseum, Leonard Cohen]


Jan 1969... Jack Bruce [Cream]...[Strawbs, Jethro Tull, Love Sculpture, Tom Paxton, Duster Bennett, Eclection, Van Der Graff, Trinity, Melanie]

Feb 1969... Joe Cocker...[John Dummer, Groundhogs, Who, Beatles, Incredible String Band, Judy Collins, Keef Hartley]

Mar 1969... Bonzo Dog Band...[Canned Heat, Traffic, Sam Gpoal, Stanshall, Chicken Shack, Manfred Mann, Nice, Bakerloo, Caravan, Man]

Apr 1969... Donovan...[Led Zeppelin, Taste, Doors, Family, Soft Machine, Pink Floyd, Terry Reid, Small Faces, Fleetwood Mac, Deep Purple]

May 1969... Eric Clapton Dick H-S...[Blodwyn Pig, Savoy Brown, Chambers Bros, Taj Mahal, Andromeda, Desmond Dekker, Glen Campbell]

Jun 1969... Jimi Hendrix...[Steam Hammer, Hendrix, Move, Circus, Eire Apparent]

Jul 1969... Peter Green [Fleetwood Mac]...[Richie Havens, Howlin' Wolf, Zappa, Heavy Jelly, Blind Faith, Moody Blues, Clouds, Lowell Fulson]

Aug 1969... Ian Anderson [Jethro Tull]...[Elvis, Edgar Broughton, Chicken Shack, Jethro Tull, Jigsaw, Martha Velez]

Sept 1969... Keith Richard [The Rolling Stones]...[Beatles, Third Ear Band, CS&N, CCR, Who, Fairport Convention, Bonzo's, Samson, Blind Faith]

Oct 1969... Keith Emerson [The Nice]...[Family, Fat Matress, Dylan, Stones, Blood Sweat & Tears, Graham Bond, Peddlers,Nice, Keith Relf, Groundhogs]

Nov 1969... The Beatles...[Lennon, Jack Bruce, CCR, Deep Purple, Moody Blues, Zoot Money, Led Zeppelin, Clodagh Rodgers, Wilson Picket]

Dec 1969... Joe Cocker...[Christine Perfect, Colosseum, Manfred Mann Cht 3, Ten Years After, Fleetwood Mac, Soft Machine, Mighty Baby, PP Arnold]


Jan 1970... Fleetwood Mac...[Who, Johnny Winter, Liverpool Scene, Keef Hartley, Pink Floyd, Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, Phil Spector, Savoy Brown, Status Quo]

Feb 1970... Jethro Tull...[Mick Taylor, Atomic Rooster, Buddy Holly, Bread, Flock, Blodwyn Pig, Taste, Chicago]

Mar 1970... Led Zeppelin...[Beatles, Canned Heat, Matthews Southern Comfort, S of John Morgan, Kenny Rogers, Syd Barratt, Stone The Crows]

Apr 1970... Nice...[Eric Clapton, Hardin & York, Judith Durham, Sandy Denny, Byrds, Faces, Family, Love, BJH, Colosseum, Ronnie Hawkins, Arlo Guthrie]

May 1970... Frank Zappa...[Judas Jump, McCartney, Daddy Longlegs, T-Rex, Strawbs, Black Sabbath, Four Tops, Gene Vincent, Hollies]

Jun 1970... Ginger Baker [Blind Faith]...[Rosko, Peter Green, Moody Blues, Lord Screams, Christie, Gypsy, CCR, Stan Webb, Ten Years After]

Jul 1970... Stills & Nash [CS&N]...[Hendrix, Cat Stevens, Savoy Brown, Hank, Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Mungo Jerry, Tom Paxton]

Aug 1970... Jimmy Page [Led Zeppelin]...[Colosseum, Trees, Keef Hartley, Led Zeppelin, Airforce, Blodwyn Pig, Meic Stevens, May Blitz]


Jan 1971... ELP...[Steeleye Span, Continuum, S of John Morgan, Demon Fuzz, Wishbone Ash, Duster Bennett, Scott English, ELP, Hipgnosis]

Mar 1971... Leon Russell...[BJH, Gass, Leon Russell, Curved Air, Walrus, Fripp, Burdon, Argent, Johnny Winter, Rod Stewart, AGD, Audience]

Jun 1971... Rory Gallagher...[Free, Syd Barrett, Third World War, Byrds, Moody Blues, Open Road,  Rory Gallagher, Ian Hunter, John Williams]


Nov 1976... Rick Wakeman...[Rainbow, Manfred Mann, Hawkwind, Beatles, Thin Lizzy]

More to follow........


Bradford GLF -  Ft. Tom Robinson - 4 track EP inc. Glad To be Gay, [Chebel Records SRT/CUS 015] original UK 1975 with stickered label. The record is in a NM condition, bright and clean and still with a good high gloss. The labels are in NM condition and are bright and clean with no writting on them, the 'A' side has a standard singles label, where as the 'B' side is a small printed square sticker. Housed in a original black sleeve.


The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request [Decca Records TXL 103] Mono 1967, UK original issue, 3D cover c/w red inner sleeve. The record is in EX condition, with a good full gloss, clean and bright, does have a few light marks on it, but nothing major, the labels are in NM- condition and they are also clean and bright and with no writting on them, the inner sleeve is also in NM- with no writing or splits in it, the 3D gatefold sleeve is in EX+ condition, being clean and bright and with no writing on it, a nice copy.


The Crystals - Da Doo Ron Ron EP, [London Records RE-U 1381] original UK 1963, 4 track EP. The record is in a EX++ condition, bright and clean and still with a good high gloss. The labels are in NM condition and are bright and clean with no writting on them. Housed in a rare picture sleeve, which is also in EX+ condition, front in very bright and clean, but does have an 'address' neatly written in bio on the reverse side.


Little Stevie Wonder - Fingertips [I]/ Fingertips [II], [Oriole Records 45-CBA 1853] original UK 1963. The record is in a EX++ condition, bright and clean and still with a good high gloss. The labels are in NM condition and are bright and clean with no writting on them. Housed in a yellow Oriole Company sleeve, which is also in EX+ condition.

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