The Flamingos - Would I Be Crying?/ Just For A Kick, 1957 UK pressed 7" single, [London Records HLN 8373]. The record is in a very good VG++ condition, it is still bright and clean with a good gloss, does have some very light marks which do not effect the play, no skips or jumps. The gold/ black labels are in a NM- condition, the labels have no writting or tears on them and are very clean, housed in a London company sleeve, a very rare rock'n'roll/ doo-wop single.

This is a very rare 1957 very rare single, Tri-centre with gold letting, near on 60 years old, a classic track from the film 'Rock, Rock, Rock' Plays very well, with a good audio play back.

Published in 50's Rock 'n' Roll

The Rolling Stones - Get Off Of My Cloud/ The Singer Not The Song, original 1965 UK 'A Label' Demo/Not For Sale issued 7" single, [Decca Records F.12263]. Release date which is stamped in the centre reads, 28-Oct-1965, there is also a 'number 3' stamped on the dark blue label just beneath the publishing date, both stamp marks are in black ink. The record is in NM- condition, and is still very bright and clean with a high gloss. The dark blue labels are also in a EX+ condition, with the large silver 'A' on the label, the A side label has the word 'webb' written in the centre in blue pen, but very hard to see it, there is no other writting or tears on the labels, housed in a Decca company sleeve. A very rare issue and a must for all Stones collectors, these demos, especially this track, do not come on to the open market very offen.

George Harrison - Bangla-Desh/ Deep Blue, 1971 UK original issue of this single, c/w very rare paper picture sleeve, Apple Records R5912. This is one of Beatle George's rare picture sleeves, this is the UK 'paper thin' picture sleeve, very limited issue when it was released in 1971, and not many have survived. The record is in EX+ condition, very bright and clean and with a full gloss, the labels are also very clean and bright with no tears or writing. The sleeve is in VG+ condition, but does have a small record split at the bottom of the sleeve, and is a little grubby and with ring wear on the reverse side, and also a very small tear at the top opening on the front middle. All that said, it is still a very rare sleeve, and this is the first copy that we have had in the shop, in nearly 30 years.

Published in 70's Rock

The Beatles - Abbey Road, original 1969 release, [Apple Records PCS 7088] Stereo, c/w Apple white inner sleeve, misaligned Apple logo on rear sleeve & without 'Her Majesty' credit on label. The laminated sleeve is in EX+ condition, with a good strong spine, and just a little wear on the opening, the white Apple inner sleeve is very crisp and clean and in EX+ condition, the record is in a very good EX- with just a couple of light surface marks. The labels are in EX+ condition, with no rips or writing though out.

T Rex [Marc Bolan] - Hot Love/ Woodland Rock/ The King Of The Mountain Coneth, very rare original 1971 multi coloured 7" single from Greece, on the purple Columbia label SCMG 483. This is one of the rarest Marc Bolan/ T Rex singles ever, as you can see from the scan, it was pressed on a very limited multi-coloured vinyl release. The multi-coloured vinyl is much better when held up to the light, than what is reproduced via the scanner. The vinyl is only in good condition, it does play, with some back ground noise, no skips or jumps, but it does have some nasty scratches and marks and also a small 'nick' although not major, but bad enough to feel, but as I say, the 7" single does play though on both sides and is very rare, the olny copy we have had in 30+ years. The labels are very bright and clean. This is more than a filler in to a collection, as it is difficult to find another one. In mint condition it would be worth £6-800.

PINK FLOYD, The Wall - 7" Singles Box Set. Contains 3 x 7" Singles, Insert Flyer, Poster, 7" Single Hub, Limited Edition for Black Friday Record Store Day in the US 2011, Box is individually numbered. This box has been opened, so not sealed, but non of the records have been played, all of the above box items are in Mint condition, the outer box, has some very minor scruffing to the reverse side.

The three 7" singles are;

1. "Another Brick in the Wall"/ "One of My Turns"
2. "Comfortably Numb"/ "Hey You"
3. "Run Like Hell"/ "Don't Leave Me Now"

Published in 70's Rock

The Small Faces - From The Beginning, Rare and Original UK Red Unboxed Decca, [LK 4879] mono 1967 release. The record is in a great EX- condition, still full gloss and very clean and bright, just one or two light marks, but nothing major. The red unboxed Decca labels are very bright and clean, with just a few signs of spindle wear. Comes within its original inner sleeve, the cover sleeve is in a stunning NM- condition, the colours are very bright and clean, just a little wear on the opening, but very light, best sleeve for this album we have ever seen or had.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono - Unfinished Music #2, Life With The Lions, Zapple Records 01, released via Apple in 1969, comes with very rare insert and inner sleeve. The record is in EX+ condition, with just a few light paper scuffs, very little play, but still very bright. The labels are both in NM condition and very bright and clean. The sleeve is again in very good EX+, clean bright front sleeve, slight creases on the corners on the reverse, a little wear on one or two corners and a small tear to the reverse middle opening, but nothing too major. The rare inner sleeve is very clean, but has worn a little on one side, and the very rare insert is fresh and clean and is in a NM- condition.

John & Yoko's The second avant-garde experimental outing and the first release on the ZAPPLE label sold less than 5,000 copies on release in May 1969.

Side 1 is a live recording from 2nd March 1969 at 'Lady Mitchell Hall' in Cambridge featuring John on guitar and Yoko on vocals. The whole of side 2 was recorded on a cassette recorder in Room No. 1, Second West Ward, Queen Charlotte Hospital, Hammersmith, London and captures sounds and experiences of John & Yoko's time together there during her pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage.

The Beatles - Please Please Me, Japanese 1982 issue, red vinyl, c/w obi strip and insert, mono issue EMI Odeon EAS-70130, mint and unplayed, in stunning condition for an item which is nearly 30 years old.

The Rolling Stones, Out Of Our Heads, original UK stereo pressing [Decca Records SKL 4733] 1965 unboxed Decca logo, dark blue label, stereo. The record is in a VG condition, showing some signs of play, but still bright and clean. The labels are in VG+ condition, again showing a little spindle marking, but still very clean and bright, the record is housed in its original FFSS inner paper sleeve. The sleeve is in EX+ condition, non-flip back issue, very clean and very bright.  

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